Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Spellbook (By Bodhi Wight)

Ruby fell.
She tripped on a loose pebble and got a behind the scenes tour of the dirt road.
“I’m fine!” she scolded when I turned to help her.
She rose, revealing a bloody gash across her knee.
“you are definitely not fine.” I said, unclipping a healing potion from my belt. “Now drink this before the cops get here.”
Ruby gulped down the potion.
The skin on her knee made a whizzing, popping sound and let loose a small airborn mushroom cloud. When the smoke cleared soon after, the cut was gone.
Ruby, impressed, looked at me strangely.
“That was much better than last time”, she said, “when the potion smelled like-”
“Hey!” shouted a cop.
“Hey, you kids, stop!”
I thrust my hand at the cop, (oh my god, it’s the chief!) and said the only spell I knew; “Oblivious!”
The spell lunged out of me like an enraged lion and leaped at the ground below the chief’s feet.
As soon as the spell made impact, my voice rang out speaking the words of the spell; takfisnigootylfin...ghhfddhaazythinate!
The words were sucked out of the air, clashed together, and exploded.
The Chief and his men flew back and pretty much solved our problems.